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Porcelain Fusion
on Canvas

Innovative & Unique Mixed Media Technique

All the above paintings are all created with Belinha's invented mixed technique that she calls
"Porcelain Fusion on Canvas". 
This technique consists firstly of painting the background of the entire canvas in acrylic, which is
the scenario of the painting.
Then, the subjects of the painting are created with
pieces of randomly broken by hand white porcelain, outlined and fired at 740Cº.
Afterwards, they are colored with different pigments mixed with mediums,
fired again several times at a temperature ranging from 750Cº to 950Cº.
In order to create the characters,
these broken pieces of painted porcelain are
juxtaposed together and glued firmly on the canvas with the use of special glue.
So, Belinha Silva become
one precursor of the modernization of the porcelain obtaining paintings avant-gardism, unique original and irreproducible. 


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