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Drawing & Acrylic Collage 

Special Invented Belinha's collage

The visionary of Belinha Silva has unleashed a mesmerizing art technique
that blends drawing and acrylic paper collage into a
symphony of vibrant colours and playful characters.
With an unrivalled creativity,
she fearlessly explores unprecedented subjects,
infusing them with a whimsical charm that transcends boundaries.
Her mixt drawing compositions are a
joyous celebration of imagination and ingenuity.
Each artwork unveils a kaleidoscope of emotions,
inviting viewers into a world brimming with laughter and delight.
Belinha's art is a testament to the power of innovation,
where bright hues dance with unconventional narratives,
leaving an indelible mark on the
hearts of those fortunate enough to
witness her masterpieces.

Drawings & Acrylic Collage on Paper: Work
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