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Unique, Innovative & Joyful
Belinha Art Creations

Belinha Silva
Art Creations

Discover the captivating world of Belinha Art Creations,
a visionary painter whose painting art creations embody
uniqueness, innovation, and boundless joy.
In this site, you can see that Belinha Silva combines different processes, textures, and a unique mixed technique like painted porcelain fused on acrylic canvas that results in avant-gardist and contemporary artwork. 

Also her sculptures are a true testament to her
artistic genius.
Belinha Silva by inventing various paintings mixed techniques
produce artworks do breathtaking masterpieces.
One of these invented painting techniques stands out as particularly exceptional, as art creator Belinha flawlessly combines two distinct materials, porcelain and canvas.
Those artworks with harmonious union of porcelain painting and canvas on acrylic yields a distinctive quality to her paintings, 
captivating viewers with their unparalleled beauty
being part of Contemporary Galleries Art Exhibitions.
Each Belinha art creations stroke of her brush reflects
a vibrant energy that emanates from her soul,
infusing her works with life and emotion.
Belinha Silva's art creations is an invitation
to immerse yourself in a world where
creativity knows no limits,
and where every artwork evokes a
sense of awe and wonder, being
Unique, innovative and Joyfull.

Tableau nommé "Beautiful Earth" par l'artiste peintre Belinha Silva,  décrivant de manière allégorique la terre.
Le protrait de l'artiste peintre Belinha Silva

Belinha Art Creations

Belinha Silva, a painter fueled by love and passion for art, creates artworks that resonate with profound emotions.
With a distinctive style, she has crafted a body of work that has garnered International acclaim and numerous prestigious Awards.
Each of her paintings reflects her unwavering dedication and joy for contemporary art.
Belinha's Art Creations are unique and innovative, transcending traditional boundaries.
Her vibrant colors and expressive compositions breathe life into her canvases, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world bursting with vitality.
Through her art, Belinha Silva Art Creations celebrates the beauty of life, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter her extraordinary paintings.


My paintings reflect
my independent artistic vision
through the use of vivid and vibrant colors,
while remaining perfectionist and distancing myself
from traditional techniques and materials.
My works are the result of my own designs and techniques,
which are often surprising and unexpected.
Colors are chosen to give my paintings a resonance,
a warm or cold atmosphere,
joy or sadness.
I use and adjust my mixed, original and innovative techniques using
unusual materials and textures,
which gives a contemporary and innovative touch to my paintings.
By mixing my art techniques and my designs,
I create a unique and personal,
modern and joyful style.

Porcelain Fusion on Canvas

Porcelain Fusion on Canvas

Clik here! Find more artworks done with Belinha's invented technique "Porcelain Fusion on Canvas".

Acrylic on Canvas Roll

Acrylic on Canvas Roll

Click here! Discover Belinha's "Acrylic on Canvas Roll".

Various Paintings Techniques

Various Paintings Techniques

Click here! See more others Belinha's "Paintings Techniques".

Drawings & Acrylic Collage

Drawings & Acrylic Collage

Click here! Discover others Belinha's invented "Drawings & Acrylic Collages".

Abstract Paintings

Abstract Paintings

Click here! Find more Belinha's "Abstract Paintings".



Click here! See Belinha's divers "Statues".

Oscar Award  for Creativity

Belinha Silva are thrilled to announce that she will be receiving the

Oscar Award for Creativity

on 19th of June 2024 

in Palazzo Butera - Bagheria, Italy

presented by the Fondazione Constanza.


I am incredibly proud and honored to accept this prestigious recognition.

This is the poster for the Oscar Awards for Creativity, which the artist Belinha Silva will have the honor of receiving, and which specifies the place and date of said, Sala Borremans, in Bagheria, Italy on June 19, 2024 at 16:00 hours by the Costanza Foundation. Half of the image, It's a picture of various golden Oscar statues.

Belinha Silva
  "Ambassador of Art 2024        for Portugal".

In the Borghese Palce Florence, Italy on
20 January 2024,

Belinha Silva
was appointed
Ambassador of Art 2024 for Portugal"
due of "The high stylistic value expressed testimony of the history of their Nation", by the curators
Dr. Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo from Effetto Art Foundation.

Distinction d'Ambassadrice d'Art 2024 pour le Portugal donnée à l'artiste Belinha Silva
Un foulard en soie, titre "Fleurs Abstractes" de l'artiste paintre Belinha Silva

Belinha hopes you enjoy viewing her artworks,
as much as she enjoys creating them.

The artist, Belinha Silva, in her studio with the broken porcelain pieces in order to find her characters

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