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Belinha's Biography

My Story

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Art is my essential food of soul.

I was born in Lisbon and left Portugal as a very young child to live in various European countries.

That’s why my artwork reflects my multicultural background. Currently, I'm back to Portugal.

I’m a self-taught painter that has always had an enormous passion for art and

couldn’t escape in my life from creating.

In Brussels, in 2005, when I attended for the first time artistic courses, I have had The Revelation of my life by understanding my real artistic potential, the irresistible desire to develop it and the punch to express myself artistically. Since then, I draw, paint in acrylic, watercolor and oil,

paint on porcelain, as well as on silk,

I sculpt and create jewelry.

I work always according to the inspirations and feelings of the moment, linked to a socio-cultural, historical, sentimental or personal context, rather than influenced by a specific painter.

I have my optimistic own art style,

which is a universe of its own, with a mixture of allegorical subjects, surrealistic, pop 'art,

optical art, abstract and figurative art, resulting in obtaining

simply a Contemporary Art Style.

In my creations, you can feel my perfectionism, because for me, Art imposes a technique that brings together various processes, such as discipline, practice and knowledge. My experience taught me that you need, in order to create, passion, innate skill, strong sensitivity and know-how, which is not only theoretical, but, above all, practical.

I think that for an art creator it’s important to search into herself in order to find that

little something, that remains to be discovered in Art.

This is exactly what I did by inventing a mixed technique "Painted Porcelain & Acrylic on canvas".

By this way, I become the precursor of the porcelain modernization, by giving it

a new life, being avant-gardism and contemporary, 

assuring porcelain a place in Contemporary Art Galleries and obtaining

unique, innovative and inimitable paintings.

As a result in recognition of those artworks, I was awarded by various International Art Awards, like you can see afterwards in my ‘Awards’.

My principal goal is to continue developing my techniques in order to creat my art and, in the same time,

to touch the sensitivity of my public.

Therefore, I hope that my paintings brighten up your live and that you enjoy viewing them,

as much as I enjoy creating them…

Biography & Awards: About

Belinha's  AWARDS

Spring/Summer 2020: 

"Special Recognition Award Certificate"

with the painting - Victory is approaching…, from Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - Art Competition Created in Isolation.

September 2020:   

"Special Recognition Award Certificate"      

with the painting - Environmental Collapse2, from Patterns Art Exhibition.

November 2020:     

"Fifth Place Award Certificate"                                                                                                                   with the painting - And… life goes on…,- Art Competition 2020 in Open/No Theme

from Contemporary Art Gallery Online.

November 2020:     

"Competition Award Winner"  

with the painting - Dandelions in Blue,  the- 6th Annual Leaves & Petals Art Exhibition

from Fusion Art Gallery.

December 2020:      

"Certificate of Merit"

in the Competition Art Price Luxembourg 2020.

April 2021:               

"Competition Award Winner"

with the painting - Coloured Life,  - Art Competition 2021 - All Planet Earth Art Theme

from Contemporary Art Gallery Online.  

October 2022:         

"Finalist Certificate" 

with the painting - Nautical Utopia,

Art Contest for World Wide ARTEXPO New York Art Fair Exhibition,  

from Circle Foundation for the Arts.  

Winter 2022:           

"Artistic Excellence" 

for artwork displaying originality, uniqueness and remarkable aesthetic,  

 from Circle Foundation for the Arts.

3th December 2022:

"International Art Award 'Menelao' of the High Recognition to Personalities in the world of Art, Science and Culture" &

"Honorificentiam Artium Meritis al Maestro: Belinha Silva"    

for the innovate technique of her artworks,

from the Academy "Italia in Arte nel Mondo" in Lecce , Italy.

February 2023:        

"Artistic Excellence"

with the selected painting "Odyssey"

the 4th International CFA Artist of the Year Award

from Circle Foundation for the Arts.

5th th April 2023:    

“International Prize Leonardo da Vinci” 

for Artists that are worth for their artistic merit,

in the “National Museum of Science and Technologies Leonardo da Vinci”

in Milano, Italy.

22th April 2023:      

"Finalist Award" 

 in 2023 International Juried Art Competition - 7th OPEN Art Competition,

from TERAVARNA Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA.  

30th April 2023:         

Belinha Silva Nominated Artist for “Best Artistic Innovation"

Emerging Art Icons 2023 -Magzoid Dubai. 

5th May 2023:         

“Talent Prize Award” – Still Life –

from TERAVARNA Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA.

18th May 2023:       

"International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts" &

"TOP Artists - The Protagonists of Contemporary Art”

in the prestigious Capitulary hall of the Palace of St. Theodore in Venice, Italy.

May/June 2023:         

“Finalist Certificate” – Finalist distinction for publication on the covers of ArtIDEAL annual fine art magazine- by Circle Foundation for the Arts, USA.

6th June 2023:         

“Honorable Mention Award” – Animal 7th –

from TERAVARNA Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA.

15th July 2023:

"International Art Award 'ZEUS' &


MAGISTER MAGNO CUM GAUDIO: to Belinha Silva"    

for her fantistic artworks

from the Academy "Italia in Arte nel Mondo" in Lecce , Italy.

6th September 2023:         

“Honorable Mention Award” – Color 6th –

from TERAVARNA Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA.

30th October 2023

“Art Diamond Museum Artists – to Belinha Silva”  - for the artistic value                                                                 from Effetto Arte Fondazione in the Diocesan Museum Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua, Italy.

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Biography & Awards: About
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